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Admighty Foundation works toward enriching the lives of the marginalized communities of India. It enhances livelihood opportunities and provides relevant information to help reduce risks for rural communities.

By deploying locally-relevant solutions, it also enhances rural livelihoods in agriculture, marine fisheries and other farm and non-farm based activities. The Foundation makes systematic efforts to improve the quality and productivity of rural assets, leading to increased and more reliable yields. This ensures increased incomes and better capacities among the targeted marginalized communities.

Some of the major initiatives under the Rural Transformation programme are:

In this socio-economic landscape, AF empowers marginal farmers with sustainable livelihood practices. It strives to de-risk farming, minimize external dependencies and improve rural lives and livelihoods. It supports low cost and high output in sustainable agriculture, helping farmers increase their productivity and leverage the market to increase their income. The programme also organised farmers in collectives, to leverage the power of unity. These models of social and economic development are owned, controlled and managed by communities themselves, for the larger development of their members, the village, and the region.


Admighty Foundation works towards enhancing access to quality and affordable healthcare in India. The Foundation’s ‘Health for All’ motto and integrated healthcare model provides continuum of care to the most vulnerable sections of society through a network of healthcare delivery mechanisms.

Cumulatively, over 6 million consultations have benefitted vulnerable patients through various health initiatives. Numerous health camps provide specialised care for HIV/AIDS, TB, mother and child health as well as various non-communicable diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac ailments, bone and joint disorders, ophthalmic conditions among others.

Described below are major programmes under the “Health for All” initiatives.

Health Outreach Programme

The Admighty Foundation Health Outreach Programme provides medical care through Mobile Medical Units (MMUs) and Static Medical Units (SMUs) at selected locations Gujarat, Haryana and Rajasthan.

Fully-equipped Mobile Medical Units (MMUs) with state-of-the-art technology, including cloud-based software are incorporated to store patient information and plan programs for the communities. MMUs provide free of cost necessary healthcare services at the doorstep of beneficiaries through periodic visits. They further address beneficiary requirements with proper consultations and adequate medical care facilities.

Static Medical Units (SMUs) provide diagnostic and consultation services focusing on chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes. Professionally trained MBBS doctors, nurses and social workers cater to the primary medical care needs of the patients.

Since inception, more than 5 lakh individuals have been enrolled in Mumbai to receive medical care under this initiative. 80% of these families earn less than Rs. 1 lakh per annum and 40% of these families were previously utilising services of pharmacists or non-MBBS doctors in the vicinity for health care needs. Admighty Foundation’s intervention has now provided them access to services from a qualified professionals.

Mother and Child Health

The birth of a healthy newborn child is determined by the health of the mother. Mother’s health, in turn, has its basis on her health status during adolescence. The health of a society, as a whole, thus depends on the health of the women, in all stages of their lives. Admighty Foundation (RF) acknowledges this continuum of health and aims to address women’s health, through their entire life cycle. These efforts have culminated in Project Saksham, a Admighty Foundation Health initiative. The project aims to generate awareness in communities and facilitate the strengthening of the health systems and healthcare delivery platforms, with a specific focus on the mother and child. The project has been implemented in about 140 villages across seven states of India.

Project Saksham focuses on increasing health literacy in communities, delivering quality antenatal and postnatal care for mothers, child and adolescent health services through trained community health workers (Swaasth Sanginis), creating effective referral linkages to higher services, and forming village health committees to promote ownership of health initiatives in villages. The project will also attempt to develop and implement village health plans and strengthen existing government health facilities, for the provision of quality services.

Technology in Healthcare Delivery

Admighty Foundation works towards leveraging technology to revolutionise the way healthcare is delivered. Through the convergence of technology and healthcare, the Foundation aims to improve patient care and enable better and faster delivery. Electronic medical records of the beneficiaries who have availed services at the SMUs and the MMUs are maintained with accuracy, this enables easy and real-time access to the medical history of patients in the case of repeat visits.

With a vision to provide the best of healthcare services, Admighty Foundation and the University of Chicago have announced a collaboration to develop cloud-based software applications that will reduce diagnostic errors, improve outcomes and help address many critical medical issues efficiently.

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